Tubular Membrane Filtration (TMF)

Single-step Treatment to remove precipitated fines in heavy metal removal and lime-soda softening, yielding ultrafiltered quality water for direct feeding to Reverse Osmosis or for direct reuse.


Tubular Membrane Filtration (TMF) stands as a pinnacle of specialized membrane treatment, boasting unique capabilities tailored for diverse applications such as the removal of stubborn emulsions, heavy metals, and the reduction of mineral components like calcium, magnesium hardness, and dissolved silica. Unlike conventional microfiltration or ultrafiltration setups, TMF systems exhibit unparalleled versatility, capable of handling a wide spectrum of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) concentrations and turbidity levels. Uniquely operated at a circulation concentration of 3-5% slurry, this ensures continuous scouring of the membrane contact surface thereby preventing membrane fouling—a persistent challenge in membrane-based processes. 

In recycling scenarios, TMF streamlines complex treatment protocols by consolidating multiple steps into a single, dependable process. By seamlessly integrating functions such as flocculation, clarification, media filtration, and ultrafiltration, TMF delivers heightened reliability while simplifying operational intricacies. Its robust design equips it to tackle even the most adverse feed conditions and operational deviations, with the ability to swiftly restore optimal performance through routine chemical cleaning procedures. 

Notably, Advent Envirocare has solidified its position as a leader in membrane technology by spearheading the implementation of India’s largest TMF system—a testament to its pioneering spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. This groundbreaking endeavor positions Advent Envirocare at the forefront of global membrane filtration, setting a new benchmark for size and efficiency in TMF systems worldwide.

Project Highlight

Industry: Steel

Flow: 16132 m 3 /d
Feed Hardness: 379 mg/L
Feed Silica: 119 mg/L