Nano-Filtration (NF)

Dive into the selective ion removal of Nanofiltration technology with Advent Envirocare, where targeted filtration for specific purposes offers significant optimization of costs, often with resource recovery.


Nanofiltration (NF) technology has experienced pivotal advancement in water and wastewater treatment in recent times, with specialized membranes being developed for selective filtration process that targets specific ions and molecules based on their size and charge. Unlike conventional filtration methods, NF operates at a molecular level, effectively removing contaminants such as colour, organic compounds, PFAS, antibiotics, microplastics or trivalent/divalent ions while allowing low molecular weight salts to pass through. This process results in purified water with improved taste, odour, and devoid of harmful substances, making it ideal for a variety of applications including drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, and industrial processes. 

Advent Envirocare excels in assessing the need and choice for NF technology and implementing tailored systems to meet specific water or wastewater treatment requirements. Advent Envirocare works closely with global NF technology leaders to provide NF Systems that can handle higher solids and turbidity or can remove contaminants from acids, bases and solvent streams. Advent Envirocare also specializes in salt recovery processes integrated with NF systems, harnessing innovative techniques to extract valuable salts from concentrated brine streams. By implementing advanced salt recovery technologies, Advent not only minimizes waste but also maximizes resource efficiency, offering sustainable solutions that align with environmental and economic goals.