Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) integrate biological treatment with membrane filtration, offering top-tier effluent quality and enhanced process control for applications where reuse or treated wastewater is contemplated.


Membrane Bioreactors, combine biological treatment with membrane filtration, offering superior effluent quality matching with ultrafiltered wastewater, reduced footprint, and enhanced process control compared to conventional wastewater treatment methods. MBRs represent a cutting-edge advancement in the realm of wastewater treatment, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and refinement. 

In this dynamic landscape, Advent Envirocare has emerged as a trailblazer, pioneering the utilization of MBR technology for recycling applications within the synthetic organic chemical industry—an arena where even global players shy safe. 

Drawing from an extensive repertoire of MBR configurations, including tubular cross flow, tubular hybrid, submerged hollow-fibre, submerged flat sheet, submerged hybrid, and more, Advent Envirocare possesses the acumen to identify and recommend the optimal setup for each unique application. This nuanced understanding of the interplay between application specifics and MBR technology empowers Advent’s clientele to access solutions that deliver both optimized performance and unwavering reliability, ensuring the consistent production of high-quality treated effluent. 

Advent’s track record speaks volumes, with successful completion of industrial MBR projects scaling up to 1500 m3/d, underscoring their capability to execute projects of varying scales with precision and proficiency.

Project Highlight

Industry: Specialty Chemical

Flow: 600m3/d
Incoming COD: 7000mg/L

Industry: Steel - Sewage

Flow: 1440 m3/d
Incoming COD: 250-350 mg/L

Industry: Dyes

Flow: 500 m3/d
Incoming COD: 5000 mg/L

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Flow: 46 m3/d
Incoming COD: 200 mg/L