Sewage Treatment Plants

Treatment Plants for Reusable Water

Sewage treatment is vital for public health and environmental sustainability, with STPs playing a key role in treating domestic wastewater from municipal and industrial sources. With water becoming scarce and expensive, at Advent Envirocare, our approach is to consider sewage as a resource to recover reusable grade water.

We have our own simple and low-maintenance biological treatment technology for removal of organics and nutrients, and at the same time we have used Membrane Bioreactors for decentralized small capacities. With a technology-neutral approach, we look at the best suited process for a given application for even basic need like sewage treatment, and provide plants that are future-ready.

Advent Envirocare has successfully completed many STP projects for its industrial customers. At a 1.25 MLD STP for a labour colony, we convinced the customer to go for a large 12-h flow equalization tank to accommodate large flows in short time, hitherto unconventional thinking. At another 1.5 MLD STP installation where treated sewage was to mix with other plant effluent in a ZLD project, we adopted cross-flow MBR as a treatment of choice. We have also bagged a 50 MLD treated sewage reuse project on a Public-Private Partnership basis with a 15-year concession, which in itself is a testimony of our capabilities.