Raw Water Treatment Plants

Innovative Approaches to the Basic Needs

At Advent Envirocare, we extend our expertise beyond wastewater treatment to encompass the realm of raw water treatment, particularly catering to industrial needs, providing innovative options to conventional approaches.

Our Raw Water Treatment Plants are generally conceptualized taking in account the fate of backwashes and rejects that are often required to be handled in ETP and ZLD plants. In many instances, we have recommended high-recovery RO concentrating the sparingly soluble salts to a super-saturated state for eventual removal in ETP. In another example of out-of-the-box approach, we successfully provided single-step direct ultrafiltration (UF) systems, tailored to maintain consistently low turbidity levels (less than 0.2 NTU) year-round, even in the face of highly variable feed turbidity from surface water sources.

In terms of our diverse experience in raw water treatment at Advent Envirocare, we have successfully executed projects of up to 5 MLD capacity for membrane-based turbidity removal system to 2 MLD integrated membrane and ion-exchange based high purity water for boiler-feed application, as also high-recovery BWRO plants.