Effluent Treatment Plants

Primary + Secondary Treatment

Effluent treatment stands as an indispensable necessity for industries reliant on water for processing, utilities, or cleaning purposes. At its core, the treatment process is a comprehensive journey, beginning with initial screening and primary treatment to address pH adjustments and the separation of oil and suspended solids. It progresses through secondary (biological) treatment, which targets the removal of dissolved organics, and culminates in tertiary polishing treatment to ensure compliance with disposal regulations.

Advent’s exceptional biological treatment technology and in-depth understanding of the biological process is the heart and soul of any ETP that entails removal of organic impurities. That apart, we understand the intricacies of each treatment step and our approach is rooted in selecting the most suitable treatment scheme and combination of technologies that would provide reliability of performance at low life cycle costs over a long period. This expertise is best experienced firsthand, rather than merely articulated.

With a rich history of executing turn-key projects for well over a hundred ETPs from 100 KLD to 100 MLD capacities, spanning diverse industries such as textiles, steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, agrochemicals, power, food processing and more, Advent Envirocare stands as a beacon of expertise across the nation. From the bustling industrial centres to the farthest reaches of the country, our footprint resonates with capability and trust.