Effluent Recycling Plants

Primary + Secondary + Tertiary Treatment

Industries spanning the spectrum from power generation to textiles, steel production, metal treatment, refineries, and petrochemicals are prolific generators of wastewater. Often characterized by low levels of organic contamination, these effluents present an ideal opportunity of deploying membrane-based treatments, yielding remarkably high- quality recovered water.

At Advent Envirocare, we specialize in supplying Recycling Systems designed to meet these exacting demands. Our systems feature extensive pre-treatment processes meticulously engineered to eliminate turbidity, organics, and foulants, safeguarding the integrity of membranes and maximizing their service life. Leveraging advanced membrane-based pre-treatment technologies for the removal of hardness, alkalinity, and silica, Advent ensures optimal recoveries through multiple stages of reverse osmosis, complemented by energy recovery devices.

With a track record dating back to 2002, Advent boasts an impressive portfolio of projects focused on Effluent Recycling applications. Our commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in every project, as we continue to pioneer sustainable solutions for wastewater management and resource recovery using latest global technologies.