Brine Concentration System

Non-thermal Normal-Pressure Brine Concentrator

Industries frequently encounter the daunting task of disposing of high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) effluent, whether it is generated sometimes directly from the manufacturing process or largely as a reject of effluent recycling systems. The concentrated nature of this effluent necessitates treatment methods like thermal evaporation, which come with a governing operating cost.

At Advent Envirocare, we pioneered a groundbreaking membrane-based solution designed specifically to address this challenge. Jointly developed with a UK-based Forward Osmosis company, our innovative technology allows for the concentration of TDS to 12-20%, representing a significant leap in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The operating pressures are like conventional desalination RO system pressures and the limitation on scaling too follow the conventional RO guidelines, a familiar terrain for mist industries.

This cutting-edge approach, introduced globally by Advent Envirocare, revolutionizes the treatment of high TDS effluent, offering industries a sustainable and economical alternative to traditional methods.