Advent offers itself primarily as industrial pollution control engineers and turn-key contractors, adopting innovative treatment approaches using both conventional and emerging technologies. Due to the complex nature of projects in waste treatment, the most practical and cost-effective solutions often require the combination of applied research, hands-on experience and basic engineering know-how. Advent is known among its patrons as a company which excels in these. Special reference on technologies and expertise offered by Advent is provided here.
Advent Integral System
The AIS is a path-breaking integration of aeration tank, clarifier and sludge recycling system into a single, compact unit without any moving parts. The System provides BOD removal efficiencies equal to or better than most configurations of activated sludge processes and fares better in terms of lower outlet TSS levels from the clarifier and higher operating biomass (MLVSS) concentrations in the aeration tank. The AIS incorporates patented concepts of induced sludge velocity for recycling the biomass, operated in conjunction with biomass conditioning system. Global petrochemicals, refining and steel majors have successfully adopted this technology, while Indian as more than 40 installations with small 100 m3/day individual plant to 16000 m3/day common effluent treatment plant.
Membrane Bio Reactor
MBRS are the most recent entrants as advanced technology in biological treatment of wastewaters. Advent has been a pioneer in using MBR for recycling applications in synthetic organic chemical industry, a field where even the global majors have very few installations, or none. Advent can select, suggest and provide the most suitable of a variety of MBR configurations, depending upon the process requirements. Membrane Bio Reactors supplied by Advent are not limited to one particular process or technology, but are carefully selected from either immersed or external, hollow fibre or tubular, flat sheet or fibre bundles, depending upon the application.
Effluent Recycling System
Industries such as cement, textile, formulations, metal treatment, food processing, etc. generate wastewaters which are low in organic contamination and can be subjected to RO-based treatment for providing very good quality of recovered water. Same is the case with domestic sewage which can be recycled conveniently. AWTPL supplies Recycling System, which incorporate extensive pretreatment to remove turbidity, organics and foulants so as to protect the membranes from fouling and get maximum service life. Recent projects with high COD and highly coloured wastewater have been successful, promising a future trend of recycling even with non-biodegradable effluents.
Zero Liquid Discharge
Advent is uniquely placed with extensive exposure and field experience in almost all processes and various technologies required in a Zero Effluent Discharge System. Advent can develop and provide the most optimum, dependable, versatile and expandable Zero Effluent Discharge System in following combinations

  • Combined Effluent Treatment, Membrane-based Recycling and Evaporation-based Reject Disposal.
  • Effluent Treatment of Dilute Stream, Membrane-based Recycling of Dilute stream, Evaporation-based Concentration of Segregated High-strength Streams and RO Reject.
  • Evapo-concentration of high-strength streams, Incineration of high-calorific streams and concentrated liquid / semi-liquid waste, Effluent Treatment of dilute streams & RO-based recycling, if required.

Advent supplies Incinerators for solid, liquid, gas as well as bio-medical waste, based on updated MOEF guidelines. The incinerators are of twin-chamber configuration with secondary post-combustion chamber operating at 1100 – 1200°C with minimum 2 seconds GRT. Advent has provided systems with 10 kg/hr solid waste incineration to as large as 6000 L/hr liquid waste incinerator. The post-treatment includes heat recovery in a quencher/ heat-exchanger and efficient scrubbing.

Scrubbing System
Advent provides Jet Venturi Scrubbers, Conventional High Energy Venturi Scrubbers, Packed Bed Scrubbers, Spray Chambers and their optimized combinations to handle gases such as SO2, HCl, Cl2, NOX, HBr, HF, H2S, etc. and particulates. The system can be provided as complete package with appropriate pumps, appropriate heat-exchangers and other ancillaries, and in a wide variety of materials including PP-FRP, FRP (Atlac 382 or Derakane 411 or Hetron 197), PVDF – FRP, FEP – MS, MS, SS 316, SS 304, Graphite, etc. Combination systems can be provided to give upto 99.99 % scrubbing efficiency.
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