ADVENT ENVIROCARE was selected as Technology Supplier in a global sourcing spree for a large Common Effluent Treatment Plant for about 580 small scale industries discharging highly toxic wastewater. The plant utilizes Integral Clarifier Activated Sludge System without any moving parts, which operates without any supervision.

Advent, with an associate CHEM PROCESS, provided an award-winning concept of Zero Discharge System for textile dyeing effluent wherein 98% of water and most of salt is recovered for reuse at a cost comparable with normal procurement and treatment.

Advent developed coal-fired Incinerator to treat liquid waste from a dyes intermediate unit, resulting in reduction of operating cost by almost 50%.

Advent successfully executed 22.7 MLD capacity Common Effluent Treatment Plant serving more than 800 textile processing units, completing the turn-key project in short time and operating it consistently on full load for over 12 months, while achieving prescribed performance.

Advent conceptualized and constructed Common Spent Acid Exchange and Treatment facility on turn-key basis, serving as waste-exchange centre and recovering gypsum. The plant has won accolades from statutory bodies as well as industries.

For a difficult-to-treat effluent from synthetic organic chemical manufacturing, Advent provided a combination of Membrane Bio Reactor and Reverse Osmosis System, recovering 85% of dark coloured high COD effluent as low TDS, colourless water fit for reuse.

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