Advent Envirocare Technology Pvt. Ltd. (AETPL) and Advent Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd. (AWTPL) are highly specialized turn-key contractors and system suppliers, providing state-of-the-art technologies and their combinations to evolve optimized, efficient and reliable solutions for water and wastewater treatment needs of industries. Advent is one of the very few companies in the country that can fulfill complete pollution control needs of an industry with a single-point responsibility, be it effluent treatment, effluent recycling, zero liquid discharge, thermal treatments like evaporation & incineration, solid waste treatment & landfill, or air pollution control such as wet scrubbers and dust collectors.

Advent Envirocare Technology Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated as joint-venture company with USA-based Advent Corporation in 1996. It has been a highly successful association with about 40 installations of Advent’s path-breaking bio-treatment technology, the ADVENT INTEGRAL SYSTEM. The Indian venture benefited a lot from the rich experience of their counterparts, who are one of the most recognized industrial wastewater treatment experts in the United States. The principals at Advent have more than 40 years of experience and together have been consulted on more than 1000 industrial projects.

Advent Envirocare Technology Pvt. Ltd. diversified into membrane separation and ion-exchange based desalination, demineralization and wastewater recycling applications in year 2001 with these activities being focus of newly formed Advent Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd. The important breakthrough for this venture was first successful zero effluent discharge system with Glauber salt recovery for a textile dyeing processor in Tirupur. Ever since then, many such individual projects, with improvements all along, came up in that region, and the same was selected as a model approach of implementation by state PCB. The cited project received prestigious environmental awards from the state government, the central government and one from a Geneva-based organization.

Most recent achievement using advanced membrane-based technologies is for effluent recycling and zero-liquid discharge system in organic chemicals (dyes) manufacturing industry. The system utilizes advanced biotreatment, Membrane Bioreactor and High Efficiency – High Recovery RO System to treat and recycle highly recalcitrant (less bio-degradable) waste water.

Advent has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the prestigious L.D. College of Engineering to set up an Environmental Research Centre, christened as LARCET. The centre will conduct research on environmental issues of all fields, including research and studies related to industrial pollution control and prevention.

In gist, Advent stands for technology-oriented, well-engineered treatment plants and systems, evolved from hands-on experience and expert back-up in practically all related fields of wastewater treatment, recycling and zero-discharge. The challenge in dealing with recycling and zero-discharge has made Advent to view laterally the conventional areas of water desalination, solid & liquid incineration as well as efficient gas scrubbing, thereby providing more evolved systems than conventional.

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